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Phantasm hero
Reggie Bannister

Horror Favorite
Joe Estevez

Mangler Reborn star
Weston Blakesley

Griffin Morrow is an otherwise unremarkable young man, until he inadvertently uncorks a pure and malevolent horror to rain hell on his famliy, his friends, and the the other residents of his town.

As bad as that is, the evil is also vorociously hungry and immeasurably pissed off.

An unseen, ageless, faceless agent of the dark dominion of the dead has crossed into our world seeking nothing less than the lives and souls of every living being - one at a time.

Locked away for countless millenia, the Necronaut has found a way out of its prison and Griffin is the key.

It will not be killed. It will not be destroyed. It will not be stopped.

Moving only in darkness, the Necronaut is unseen by its very nature. It does not reside in darkness. It is darkness.

It will be known by the signs of murder and the manner of its feeding.

Residing in every dark shadow, under every bed, in every uninspected space, in every crack and cranny, the Necronaut will finally validate every young child's fear of the dark.

No one is safe.

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